5 Great Apps to Help You in Japan

5 Great Apps to Help You in Japan - Export to Japan

Blog | Friday 16 September 2016

Export to Japan’s Content Manager, Vanessa Holden, takes a look at five useful apps to make your life easier as you travel in Japan for business or pleasure. 

Five Apps to Help You Navigate Japan Like a Pro

Whether you are travelling to Japan for the first time or you are seasoned Japan expert, there are always new apps being created to help you during your time here.

Hyperdia - Never Get Lost in Japan Again 

The rail and underground networks across Tokyo and other major Japanese cities can seem daunting from the guide maps that are available inside stations.

Even locals can take the wrong train line or become bewildered at the number of ticket gates and exits.

Find your way using the very handy Hyperdia app, and never be late to a business meeting in Japan again!

Just enter your starting station and the station you want to arrive at, and Hyperdia will give you a choice of routes with the number of changes, price, and time it takes to get there.

The app is free to download and is available for iPhone and Android.

Google Translate -  Communicate Without Resorting to Charades or Pictionary 

If speaking Japanese is not your forte and your interpreter isn’t around, don’t fret. This free app is a lifesaver for those moments when gesturing to make your point just doesn’t cut it.

You can use it to look up words and phrases you don’t understand or highlight Japanese text on a photo. This is great for figuring out packaging, paperwork, or signs, especially if you don't have bilingual help on hand.

Google Translate app is free and available for both Android and iPhone.

Gurunavi - Experience the Best Food in Japan 

Japan, perhaps surprisingly, boasts the highest number of Michelin starred restaurants in the world.

While Japanese food is widely accepted to be delicious and affordable, sometimes it can be difficult to choose a place to eat, as the variety can be unfamiliar. Local food varies by region, and visitors may need to be careful with food allergies or special diets. 

This is where Gurunavi, a free app for iPhone and Android that functions as a Japan restaurant guide, shines.

It can be used to see which restaurants and cafes are nearby, and determine whether or not they are suitable.

Users can browse by region, city, type of cuisine, price, features, whether menus are available in English or whether staff speak English, whether or not credit cards are accepted, and which ones specifically.

XE Currency App - Budgeting in Japan Just Got a Whole Lot Easier 

Whether you are in Japan for business or pleasure you may want to take advantage of the chance to buy special souvenirs and do some tax-free shopping while you are here.

When working with a different currency, however, it can be very difficult to stay within your set budget – an app like XE Currency App is invaluable at such times.

Currency converter apps are useful as they can often also be used even when you are unable to find Wi-Fi.

This free app is available for both iPhone and Android users.


DigJapan - Make Your Japan Trip Memorable 

Visitors to Japan can use DigJapan, the ultimate travel app for a seamless experience.

DigJapan features user-based content, which is gleaned from daily interactions of fans on the app’s Facebook page.

Users can search for popular tourist attractions, restaurants and shopping areas, and find their way via the app’s navigation system.

If you are worried about having Wi-Fi access when out and about, you can actually download any information beforehand and access maps, travel information and useful tips while offline.

The service also offers coupons for special deals and discounts at participating restaurants, art museums, and shops.

DigJapan is available both to iPhone and Android users.


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