CEATEC Japan 2015

CEATEC Japan is a trade fair that provides an ideal platform for UK tech companies thinking of entering the Japanese market. 

CEATEC 2015 - Export to Japan

Background to the Event

CEATEC Japan is a cutting edge, comprehensive IT and electronics exhibition held annually in the Tokyo area - it is the largest Japanese ICT showcase. 

Industry experts will be exhibiting their products, including home appliances and entertainment, mobile networks/personal information terminals, car electronics, mobile, network, computing service, software, electronic components, devices and industrial equipment, materials, power source, and manufacturing equipment. 

Target Audience

UK businesses in the IT, electronics, automotive, or ICT for healthcare industries, among others, may find the event useful. 

Benefits of Attending

The event will provide opportunities to discover new partners and distributors, as well as the chance to showcase products and services. 

There were 150,000 vistors in attendance in 2014. 

Please follow the links for more information: 

http://www.ceatec.com/ja/application/ (Japanese only)

http://www.ceatec.com/en/ for info from CEATEC 2014

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Contact Details

Event Organiser
CEATEC Japan Organising Committee (CIAJ), JEITA and CSAJ

Event Details

View by Timezone: UK Time | Japan Time
7 to 10 October 2015
7 to 10 October 2015
4 day event - 10am to 5pm | Japan Time
4 day event - 10am to 5pm | Japan Time
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