DIT Life Sciences Trade Visit to Japan and South Korea on ''Innovative Therapy & Drug Discovery and Development''

Join the DIT Trade Visit to Japan and South Korea to discover opportunities in both markets, expand your business potential and establish a network of contacts from the Japanese and Korean life sciences industries.

DIT Life Sciences Trade mission to Japan and South Korea 2018

This unique visit offers participants maximum opportunity for bespoke one to one meetings. Following the first day seminar and networking event in Tokyo, the remaining four days can be tailor made for your business requirements, covering Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul or all three! Your programme will be organised through our Overseas Market Introduction Service (OMIS), where our dedicated team in both markets will research suitable buyers and arrange meetings with the right contacts. Package options and pricing are detailed further below. 

Japan opportunities

Japan is the world’s second largest pharmaceutical market, after the US. It is also recognised as leading the world in the regenerative medicine regulations allowing early access of regenerative medicine and cell therapy products into the market, after Phase II conditional approval. The number of research-based Japanese pharmaceutical companies are actively looking to in-license innovative therapeutic pipelines for the Japanese market and also the state-of-art technologies and services for their drug discovery and development. Oncology is the main area of focus for many of pharmaceutical companies in Japan, but there are also opportunities in other therapeutic areas by more specialised pharma companies.

Korea opportunities

Korea is the 13th largest pharmaceutical market. The biopharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Korea. Korea is the 8th strongest biotechnology nation with high technology and skills, especially in stem cells. Korea conducts more industry-sponsored drug studies than any other Asian countries. There are opportunities for R&D collaboration and technology transfers in the field of oncology, cardiology, drug discovery, metabolic diseases, vaccines, neuroscience, stem cells, cancer theranostics and tissue engineering & regenerative medicine etc. Korean companies are more willing to in-license than before, presenting new opportunities for UK companies.

Benefits of attendance

  • Market briefing about Japan: Presentation by a local regulatory consultant to give a market overview and tips for entering the Japanese market.
  • Market briefing about South Korea: Presentation by a consulting firm on the current status of Korean bio/pharmaceutical industry and strengths of this market.
  • Seminar in Tokyo:  Opportunity to give a 10-15 minute presentation at a seminar at the British Embassy in Tokyo, where an audience of over 50 key pharmaceutical, bio-tech and life sciences companies will be invited to attend (simultaneous interpretation to be provided). 
  • Side event in Tokyo - One to one meeting arrangement during seminar in Tokyo: Opportunity to have one-to-one meetings with the local companies attending the seminar. The participating UK company could submit a wish list of meeting companies to DIT Team in advance.   
  • Networking event in Tokyo:  Opportunity to network with key contacts from Japanese pharmaceutical, biotech and life sciences companies after the seminar at the Embassy in Tokyo.  Both the Seminar and networking reception will be held at the Ambassador’s Residence.
  • Bespoke one to one meetings: This will make up the majority of the week, offering you maximum opportunity to meet suitable buyers and discuss your offer.
  • Consultation:  Meet with DIT trade officers in Japan and South Korea to learn about the market opportunities and business cultures.
  • Learn from other UK companies: Opportunity to network with other UK companies starting to do business in the market.

Sample schedule

Sunday 2 December

Arrive Narita Airport or Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)


Monday 3 December

AM: Market briefing – general and sector specific

PM: Seminar/networking event at the Ambassador’s Residence, British Embassy in Tokyo


Tuesday 4 December

Individual meetings in Tokyo

(bespoke arrangement through OMIS)


Wednesday 5 December

Individual meetings in Tokyo/Osaka

(bespoke arrangement through OMIS)


Continue rest of week in Japan or Travel to Seoul


Thursday 6 December

Market briefing session at British Embassy in Seoul


Individual meetings in Seoul

(bespoke arrangement through OMIS)


Friday 7 December

Individual meetings in Seoul

(bespoke arrangement through OMIS)


** Further bespoke meetings can be arranged in Tokyo/Osaka for Thursday and Friday should you not wish to visit Korea


Saturday 8 December

Depart for the UK



Who should attend

UK companies involved in the development of innovative therapy, innovative drug discovery and development platforms and services such as:

  • Cell therapy
  • Gene therapy
  • RNA therapy
  • Innovative small molecule drug seeds
  • Microbiome
  • Tissue engineering
  • Cell culture, processing, quality evaluation
  • Innovative drug discovery and development technology platforms and services
  • New DDS, etc

Participation fee

  • Japan:

£660 / company (exclusive of VAT) - 1 day programme (briefing session, seminar, presentation opportunity and networking event) in Tokyo on 3 December.

This service includes meeting arrangement at the seminar venue with Japanese companies for those who expressed interests.  Companies who wish to arrange individual meetings/company calls are encouraged to sign up for an additional service shown below.

£440 / company (exclusive of VAT) – Bespoke service to approach 5 potential buyer/partner companies with aim of arranging one to one meetings through the Overseas Market Introduction Service (OMIS) in Tokyo/Osaka.   

  • South Korea:  

£440/company (exclusive of VAT) – Bespoke service to approach 5 potential buyer/partner companies with the aim of arranging one to one meetings through the Overseas Market Introduction Service (OMIS) in Seoul. 

While DIT will try the best to pitch to generate interest from the local the companies, we cannot guarantee the number of companies showing interest to the customer.


* If you would like to discuss other package/pricing options for a tailor made programme through OMIS during this week, please do not hesitate to contact us at lifesciencetradejapan@mobile.trade.gov.uk

* Delegates are responsible for making own booking and covering their airfare and accommodation costs.

Travel tips: 

How to attend:

Please complete the following form to register your interest in the trade visit "Innovative Therapy & Drug Discovery and Development to Japan and South Korea 2018."

Visit dates: Monday 3 December - Friday 7 December 2018.

Markets: Tokyo, Osaka (Japan) and Seoul (South Korea). UK Companies can choose to visit all or either markets.

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DIT Japan Life Sciences Team will review and assess all the applications and shortlist the companies to attend the trade visit. Results will be communicated by Friday 19 October.

The deadline for expressing interest in this trade visit is Friday 5 October 2018.


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DIT Japan Life Sciences Trade Team
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Kaori Arai, Senior Trade Adviser

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