How Attractive is the UK to Japan? A Major Study of the UK's Image Before and After the Brexit Referendum

From the Outside In: Perceptions of the UK Before and After the Brexit Referendum.

Brexit Perception in Japan

Eighteen months on from the referendum, how attractive is the UK for business, education and for tourism in the eyes of Japan? How are the Brexit negotiations affecting the UK's image?

The British Council commissioned surveys across the G20, including in Japan, with samples of over 19,000 young, educated 18-34-year-olds; the pool from which the future’s major decision makers will emerge.

The research was carried out both before and after the referendum, and it represents one of the biggest studies to date which measures international levels of trust and attraction towards the UK and how they have been affected by the Brexit decision.

If you're curious to find out the outcomes of this study and specifically what they mean for your business, then join us for a live broadcast with Matt Burney, British Council Director for Japan.

The results of this study highlight both strengths and weaknesses in the UK’s image, and we will discuss opportunities – and risks – that your business may have to address as you continue to trade with Japan.

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Monday 15th January 2018
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