Innovation Weekend London

Innovation Weekend London is a pitch competition organised by Japanese venture capitalists for UK start-ups. 

Innovation London Weekend

Innovation Weekend started in Japan as a pitch competition for Japanese entrepreneurs but is now being taken abroad to discover promising overseas startups.  The event in London will provide an opportunity for UK start-ups interested in Japanese funding.

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Background to the Event

"Innovation Weekend" was started to serve as a platform to develop “global venture business originating from Japan”. We discover promising entrepreneurs and support them by offering a chance to raise seed money and receive other supports by linking investors and startups together.

Through the combined efforts of three main individuals—Ikuo Hiraishi of SunBridge Corporation (at the time, currently SunBridge Global Ventures); Yasushi Takeuchi, who since the 1998 founding of Venture Now has investigated and reported the venture industry; and Kiyoshi Nishikawa, who assisted in the restarting of the NetAge—"Innovation Weekend" was launched in May, 2011.

The theme of this year is "BE GLOBAL OR DIE LOCAL".
Thanks to recent dramatic innovations in I.T., it's getting easier than ever to expand business abroad.

Global vision is indispensable to survive the severe competition nowadays,
as consumers and competitions worldwide become more and more borderless.

This is a precious opportunity to sense such a global trend of the times.

Target Audience

UK IT start-ups:

  • less than 3 years since establishment
  • internet related business
  • have not had investments of more than USD 1 million
  • business is already commercialised
  • companies having a potential of making innovation to change society

Benefits of Participation

The winner of the London competition will be eligible to enter the final competition in Tokyo in December 2014. 

Contact Details

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Innovation Weekend

Event Details

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4 July 2014
4 July 2014
5pm - 9pm | UK time
5pm - 9pm | UK time
Google Campus (

Google Campus, London (

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