Localising Your Core Message For Japanese Consumers: Webinar

Join our free webinar and become an expert on transcreation in the Japanese market. 

Localising Your Core Message For Japanese Consumers: Webinar - Export to Japan

Learn the Top Tips to Perfect Your Message and Target Japanese Consumers

This webinar is now over. The recording will be available in due course. 

Event Background

With complex language, inscrutable culture, unique tastes and high standards, localising your brand message in Japan to impress your target audience is much more than simple translation.

Our webinar is critical for any business — B2B, B2C or B2B2C — planning to enter the competitive and high-quality Japanese market. We will cover important basic steps you can take to show clients that you take them seriously. We will help you understand the key role in business dominated by the nuances of Japanese culture and communications — and how to successfully and creatively get your message across.

About the Speaker

Robert Heldt is the president and co-founder of Custom Media, a multiple award-wining, bilingual, content-creation, publishing and communications agency in Tokyo. Robert has more than 12 years of experience advertising and marketing to and for Japanese clients. He will share his valuable insights and precious tips on how to successfully communicate your company’s story, brand value and key message to the Japanese consumer.

Steve Crane, CEO of Export to Japan and Business Link Japan, will facilitate the webinar.  

Benefits of Watching

UK companies planning to enter the Japanese market or join trade missions to Tokyo can avoid costly, embarrassing and damaging errors with a little planning and effort to clearly communicate its business proposition and brand value to potential partners.

How to Attend

This webinar is now over. The recording will be available in due course. 

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27 July 2017
27 July 2017
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