MIPRO Business Start-Up Seminar For Foreigners

Learn the basics of tax practice and how to set up a company in Japan by attending MIPRO's Business Start-up Seminar for Foreigners.

Learn the basics of tax practice and how to set up a company in Japan by attending MIPRO's Business Start-up Seminar for Foreigners.

Business Start-up Seminar for Foreigners

In the first session, international tax accountant Ms. Sakashita will explain types of taxes, difference of sole proprietorship and corporations and other tax basics.

In the second session, MIPRO adviser Mr. Takahashi will explain how to set up a company in a do-it-yourself way. He will focus on how to prepare documents necessary for a Limited Liability Company.

Both of the lecturers wrote MIPRO’s guidebooks, which you can get free by attending the seminar. They welcome all foreigners interested in businesses in Japan as well as those who support such foreigners.


1. Tax basics for business starters

Ms. Hiroko Sakashita
Partner, Certified Public Tax Accountant Sakashita International Tax Accountant Co.

2. Set up a company by yourself - How to prepare documents for an LLC

Mr. Shuji Takahashi
MIPRO Investment Adviser, Administrative Scrivener

3. Networking Session (Q&A available)

How To Attend

Please send the attached application form by Fax (03-3590-7585) or e-mail at investment@mipro.or.jp

Admission: Free

Capacity: 30 people on a first come, first served basis

For further details, please see the attached file or visit the following site:

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Contact Details

Event Organiser
Manufactured Imports & Investment Promotion Organization (MIPRO)
Main Contact
Yoshioka/Tanaka Invest Japan Div., MIPRO

Event Details

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25 June 2014
25 June 2014
2pm - 4pm | Japan time
2pm - 4pm | Japan time

MIPRO Conference Room, 6th floor, World Import Mart Bldg., Sunshine City, 3-1-3, Higashi-ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo