Open Innovation Contest by NTT DATA

Win NTT DATA's Open Innovation Business Contest and develop your business in Japan. 

Open Innovation Contest by NTT DATA - Export to Japan

UK Companies Can Pitch to Enter NTT DATA's Open Innovation Business Contest in Japan 

NTT DATA, Japan’s No.1 system integrator, has hosted four open innovation business contests in Japan, and in its 5th year has now decided to expand the screening and pitching process to 10 cities across the world, including London.

The preliminary screening sessions and subsequent regional pitching sessions will be held in Madrid, Barcelona, Singapore, Sao Paulo, Tel Aviv, Beijing, San Francisco, Toronto, Tokyo and London.

Regional winners will be invited to the grand finale, which will be held in Tokyo on 15 March 2017. 

Through the open innovation approach with NTT DATA, the startup with the best innovative solution will win the contest and be able to develop its idea on a 100 or 1,000-times greater scale than if it were to launch through another method.

Working with NTT DATA and its clients, which include major companies, banks and public institutions, is an excellent way to develop and grow your business.

NTT DATA is looking for partners willing to work with them to deal with a variety of social and economic challenges such as decreasing population, ageing societies, environmental destruction, energy depletion, rising costs of healthcare, reduced self-sufficiency in food, and economic disparities.

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15 March 2017
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