Recruiting British Alcoholic Drink Companies for Foodex 2017

Join DIT's booth at Foodex 2017 and raise your company's profile in Japan. 

Recruiting British Alcoholic Drink Companies for Foodex 2017 - Export to Japan

Recruiting British Alcoholic Drink Companies for DIT Stand at Foodex 2017

The Department for International Trade (DIT) is organising a special booth focusing on British alcoholic drinks at Foodex 2017. It is offering a special package to UK alcoholic drink companies interested in entering the Japanese market for the first time, or boosting their existing business in Japan.

Foodex and the Japanese Market:

Foodex is one of the largest food and drink trade shows in Asia, attracting over 77,000 visitors including 9,365 from outside Japan in 2016.

The profile of the visitors covers food services, retail, wholesalers, importers and manufacturing.

Almost two thirds of the 3,000 exhibitors are international companies from 78 different countries.

Buyers visiting our stand see the UK as a country renowned for its quality, tradition and innovation.

The Japanese food and drink market is sophisticated, with discerning consumers looking for high quality and unique imported products. The scale of the processed food market (including drinks) accounted for GBP 212 billion in 2015.  

Date: 7-10 March 2017


For New Entrants / Already-in market Companies

  • Your own dedicated counter with company/brand name.
  • Official Press Release by the Embassy
  • Support from sector specialists in DIT Japan will be available at the GREAT branded stand which attracts international buyers looking for the British products.
  • Inclusion in the UK Exhibitors Guide
  • Invitation to the Press Event to introduce DIT Japan’s Alcoholic Drink Campaign in 2017 in central Tokyo during the show.
  • Stock room on site for samples.
  • Water facilities and utensils on site (e.g. plastic cups, mineral water, ices, cooler, bin etc) for tastings.
  • Guided retail tour to Aeon.

New Entrants (Only)

  • Pooled interpreter to be shared with other UK companies.
  • Cost and support for delivering samples to the exhibition venue including;
    • Export documentation
    • Freight from the appointed forwarders’ warehouse in the UK to Tokyo by air. (You will have to send the samples to the designated warehouse in the UK by deadline arranged.)
    • Customs clearance and formalities
    • Import cargo handling charges from airport to Foodex venue and airport terminal charges.
    • Airport Terminal Charges.
    • Application charges for Food Sanitation Law.

Eligibility and Conditions:

Exhibitors must be a UK registered company (and/or their appointed exclusive local agent). Please note that only British goods may be displayed on the DIT stand.
Eligibility and suitability will be assessed upon application. Companies should bring adequate volume of samples for tasting. The guideline for the least volume which need to be brought by the new entrants is as below: 

  • Beer – 330ml x 12 cases
  • Gin – 700ml x 32 bottles
  • Whisky – 700ml x 16 bottles
  • Beer – 330ml x 12 cases
  • Wine – 750ml x 48 bottles

(If you would like your products to be served at the press event,  you will need to include additional sample quantities.)


  • Mon 6 March  Set-up at the venue
  • Tue  7 March  Foodex + Reception by the Organiser (optional, free)
  • Wed 8 March  Foodex + Store Visit to Aeon Mall* (optional, free)
  • Thu 9 March   Foodex + British Alcoholic Drink Press Event*  (optional, free)
  • Fri 10 March   Foodex + clean up

(Date of Store Visit and Press Event may swap.)

Application Deadline and URL:

6 January,

Participation Fee:  

GBP 1,000 for a new market entry UK company, JPY 200,000 for a Japanese exclusive agent representing a UK company.

(The fee will have to be paid to the appointed local contractor.)

The cost for flights, hotels and subsistence to be covered by the participating companies.

Cancellation policy:

Cancellation will incur liability for the full participation fee.

For more information contact:

Akiko Yanagisawa, Head of Creative, Consumer & Retail,  DIT Japan

Contact Details

Event Organiser
DIT Japan
Main Contact
Akiko Yanagisawa

Event Details

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6 to 10 March 2017
6 to 10 March 2017
5 day event - 10am to 5pm | Japan Time
5 day event - 10am to 5pm | Japan Time
GBP 1,000 for a new market entry UK company, JPY 200,000 for a Japanese exclusive agent representing a UK company.