The Second UK-Japan Nuclear Industry Forum 2018

Join the second UK-Japan Nuclear Industry Forum, from 22 to 25 January 2018, organised by the Department for International Trade, and find out how to do business in the nuclear industry in Japan.

With the support of the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum Inc and the Nuclear Industry Association, the Department for International Trade (DIT) at the British Embassy in Tokyo are arranging the Second UK-Japan Nuclear Industry Forum, which will be held at the British Embassy in Tokyo.

Attendees will be from senior members of both Industry and Government from the UK and Japan.

Forum Agenda

Mon 22nd Jan:  - Briefing for UK Companies at the British Embassy.
                           - Forum Dinner

Tues 23rd Jan: Second UK-Japan Nuclear Industry Forum, comprising of plenary sessions, panel sessions, extended networking opportunities and a networking reception. The main focus will be decommissioning, however, new build programmes in the UK will also feature.

Wed 24th Jan: Visit to Fukushima Dai-ichi

Thu 25th Jan: Visit to the Monju Fast reactor

Please note that this event is expected to be very popular, numbers will be limited, and there will be a selection process for companies who wish to attend.

  • There will be a limit of ~20 UK companies, and attendance for at the forum will be limited to two people per (UK) company.
  • We will select UK companies based on how appropriate their capabilities are to the Japanese market.
  • There will be an OMIS charge of £550 per company.
  • Due to restrictions imposed by the sites, there will be limited spaces on the site tours, not all attendees will be able to attend.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in attending this high profile event, please express your interest by clicking the Register Interest button below, by Fri 1st Dec 2017.

The event will be followed by a 2-day decommissioning workshop in Taiwan on 25 and 26 January 2018 for companies also interested in this market. 

Please make sure to indicate whether you are interested in attending the event in Japan only, Taiwan only or both countries in the "why do you want to attend" section of the form when you fill it in.

An expression of interest at this stage does not place any commitments on you regarding attendance or payment of fees, once companies are selected you will receive a more detailed application form to confirm attendance.

Deadline to express interest: Friday 1 December 2017.


  • If I attend the Japanese event do I need to also visit Taiwan or vice versa?

No, they are separate events, if you wish to attend the Taiwan event only or the Japan event only you are free to do so. Please indicate the market(s) you are interested in when you fill in the registration form. 

  • I see that the events overlap on Thursday 25th Jan?

Yes, however, there is no problem if you wish to visit Monju and then travel to Taiwan for the activities on Friday 26th Jan. Equally, there is no problem in skipping the Monju visit and travelling to Taiwan for the activities on Thu 25th.

  • When will I know if my company has been selected to join the mission?

We will inform you on Monday 4th Dec. However please apply as early as you can so we can ask you any further questions about your application if necessary.

  • When will you ask for payment

We will ask for payment as part of the formal registration process once mission members have been decided.

Photo from Magnox Ltd's Flickr account.

Contact Details

Event Organiser
Department for International Trade
Main Contact
Mami Aoki

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