Shape the Future of Government Export Support at Export Jam 2015

Export Jam: Open Ideas Day, which will be held on July 28th in 9 locations across the UK, is the perfect chance to share your views about what UK Trade & Investment can do to help your business succeed overseas. Register for this unique opportunity!

Shape the Future of Government Export Support at Export Jam 2015 - Export to Japan

Do you do business internationally? Are you an exporter? Would you like to become an exporter but don’t know how?

Whether you are already exporting, looking to export, or haven’t yet considered internationalising your business, we need your help to design the future of export support. The challenge to you is to help us transform the current export support landscape so that we can achieve our ambition of making Britain the most proactive export nation in the world.

To help us do so, UK Trade & Investment’s Ideas Lab are hosting Export Jam: Open Ideas Days on 28th July at 9 locations near you up and down the country. You can learn more about what is going on and book here.

You’ll have the chance to network with businesses facing challenges just like yours, to share insights and experiences, and to collaborate with others to create prototypes of the products and services you need in the future.

These insights will feed directly into the work we’re doing to transform export support for British businesses – and give us concrete ideas on where we should be focusing our energies to create most value for you.

If you can, spare the time to help us ensure you get the export support you deserve.

Event - Export Jam: Open Ideas Days

Date - 28th July 2015

Place - 9 locations across the UK

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28 July 2015
28 July 2015
10am | UK Time
10am | UK Time