Shionogi Seeks Research Partners

Apply for the SHIONOGI Science Program 2015 to receive funding and the opportunity for research collaboration with the Japanese research-based pharmaceutical company.

Shionogi Pharma Seeks Research Partners - Export to Japan

Shionogi & Co Ltd, based in Osaka, Japan, has announced the launch of "SHIONOGI Science Program 2015” for identification of good research seeds for drug discovery in the specific research areas of Pain/CNS and infectious diseases.

Successful applicants will receive annual research funding of up to 15 million Japanese yen (£8.1 million /£= 185 yen) for a maximum of 5 years.

This program will provide UK researchers with an incredible opportunity for research collaboration with the well-established and forward thinking Japanese pharmaceutical company.

If you are interested, please visit the SHIONOGI Science Program 2015 website for further details.

Applications are to be submitted to Shionogi between 1 and 30 October via the website.

One of the leading Japanese pharmaceutical companies Shionogi & Co Ltd, established in 1879, has been making serious efforts to identify good research seeds and to develop them into innovative pharmaceuticals.

They first launched the academia and industry collaboration program in Japan in fiscal 2007. Following the successes with this local scheme, Shionogi started the SHIONOGI Science Program in 2011 to seek further collaboration opportunities with international researchers.

Shionogi hope to develop innovative pharmaceuticals and help those who suffer from diseases, and also to fulfill their unmet medical needs.

They are very much looking forward to receiving many novel and outstanding ideas from you.

Contact our life sciences team to start doing in business in Japan.

Watch Shionogi's recorded webinar to learn more about opportunities for collaboration.

Download our Shionogi Pharma report to learn how to collaborate with the pharmaceutical giant.

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