Webinar: Opportunities in the Advanced Therapy Market in Japan

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Opportunities in Japan’s Advanced Therapy Market

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The size of ‘cutting edge medicine market’ in Japan is estimated to be 1.4 trillion yen (9.6 billion pounds) in 2016 and is expected to reach 1.85 trillion yen (12.7 billion pounds) in 2025 (+31.7% increase) – according to Fuji Keizai, one of Japan’s leading market research firms.

Japan’s cutting-edge medicine market consists of 3 segments:

  • Advanced drugs, these include antibodies, peptide, RNA drugs. This segment represents the majority of the market. The market size is 1.4 trillion yen.
  • Advanced therapeutic products, these include regenerative medicine, cell therapy, gene therapy. The market size is 1.8 billion yen.
  • Advanced diagnostics/ systems include companion diagnostic, liquid biopsy, precision, microarray blood test. The market size is 2.9 billion yen.

Regenerative medicine is a fast-emerging sector catching a great deal of attention in Japan. The Japanese regulation on Regenerative Medicine is regarded as one of the most advanced in the world which allows early commercialisation in the market after Phase II with conditional approval status. The Accelerated Approval process for regenerative medicine products is very unique to Japan.

For this webinar, we are pleased to be joined by the co-founders and managing directors Mr Colin Lee Novick and Mr Jason David Sieger of CJ Partners, a Japan-based consulting agency specialised in advanced therapies and has experience working with global life sciences companies entering Japan. 

The webinar will be facilitated by Ms Esther Williams, Head of Trade, DIT Japan.

During the webinar we aim to cover:

  • The Japanese regulatory environment for advanced therapies
  • How to deal with Japanese partners
  • Q&A section

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