Four Great Reasons to Attend a Trade Show in Japan

Four Great Reasons to Attend a Trade Show in Japan - Export to Japan

Trade Missions Introduce UK Companies to Target Markets and to Business Opportunities

Access to Industry Experts in Japan 

Showcase your products and services to key buyers and distributors and generate targeted business leads.

Trade show attendees in Japan are always on the lookout for high-quality products and products possessing either heritage qualities or an interesting and unique brand story. British brands can capitalise on this trend.

Meeting with prospective buyers is also excellent for building a solid network of contacts.

Get Direct Feedback on Your Product in Japan 

As potential customers interact with your products, it is an excellent chance to get raw feedback in real time. Find out what people like or dislike about your product. What can you improve? Where can your product be tailored to appeal to the local market? How much localisation will be necessary?

These are all great questions to ask people who are being introduced to your product for the first time.

Market Research in Japan 

See your target market in action - find out Japanese consumer patterns and behavior for yourself both during the exhibition and beyond.

Stroll around the department stores and see what products are popular, and what people are buying. Observe the culture and the standard of service Japanese people are accustomed to in their everyday lives.

Find out how things are done in Japan, and use this excellent opportunity to learn from those already doing business in Japan and scope out your competitors at the same time.

Government Help in the UK and Japan 

With an ambitious export target of GBP 1billion worth of exports by 2020, the British government is keen to get UK companies exporting to and investing in Japan, and getting inward Japanese investment into the UK.

UK Trade & Investment provides a number of services ranging from workshops and webinars to trade missions and OMIS (Overseas Market Introduction Service) to help UK businesses of all sizes at various stages of their export journey.

Live export opportunities can be found on

The #ExportingisGREAT campaign has been created to make connecting UK companies with concrete overseas business opportunities easier than ever.

The Japanese government has similar aims with their economic growth, and is seeking to increase trade and investment within the Japanese economy.

JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) is a government-related organisation that can also help UK companies get started in Japan.

JETRO’s One-Stop Business Establishment Center can be found on the 7th floor of the JETRO headquarters in Tokyo. It provides face-to-face consultation, help with the administrative procedures, and interpretation and translation services for businesses wishing to open an office in Japan.

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Article by Vanessa Holden, April 2016.