Cyber Security, Space & Emerging Technologies

Japan has a long-standing reputation as a hi-tech country, and what says “hi-tech” better than computers, satellites and robots? Cyber security, space and new technologies are all seeing a surge of interest from Japanese government, business, media and the public.

Cyber security has come to the forefront of public consciousness with a series of high-profile cyber incidents in both business and government over the last few years. Furthermore, the growing importance of IT in every aspect of daily life (e.g., cloud services, IoT, M2M, e-government, e-commerce and e-finance) is increasing the importance of cyber security for everyone. The upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games is emerging as a powerful catalyst for Japan to strengthen its networks and infrastructure.

On space, the Japanese government revamped its Basic Space Plan in January 2015, clarifying its commitment to significantly expanding the country’s space industry, both for government and industry. In addition, Japan’s new stance on defence and national security is expected to open up new opportunities.

In terms of emerging technologies, Japan is consistently at the forefront of anything new, from robotics and UAVs to additive manufacturing and autonomous systems. Japanese companies are scanning the horizon for new technologies to add to their lineups.

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Japan's Space Plan: Production Schedule & Project Timeline

Japan Basic Space Plan: Production Schedule and Project Timeline - Export to Japan

If “Knowing is half the battle”, then this document will help to get you halfway to victory. Get a leg up on the competition in the space sector with this highly detailed production schedule – over fifty pages in length and available in English for the first time. This document will tell you what the Japanese space programme is planning to make, when it is planning to run each project, and who is in charge of each project.

The New Basic Space Plan and the Japanese Space Programme

A Changing Spacescape - Japan's New Basic Space Plan and the Japanese Space Programme - Export to Japan

At the beginning of 2015, the Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan published a new Basic Space Plan, ushering in a radically new direction for the Japanese space programme, especially around the use of satellites for defence and security and the commercialisation of space technology. Find out more about the new capabilities Japan seeks to develop and identify opportunities for your company to enter the field. 

Sky is the Limit for British Space Technology

Sky is the Limit for British Space Technology - Export to Japan

29 July 2015

It may be surpising to learn that Britain's space sector is going from strength to strength, with Japan an important target market. This article presents information and opportunities for UK's space industry both on a global scale and in Japan. 

Cyber Security Report: Policies and Opportunities in Japan

Cyber Security Report - Export to Japan

With an estimated annual global growth rate of roughly 20%, cyber security is a burgeoning field around the world, and Japan is no exception. A spate of recent high-profile security incidents and the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics have brought cyber security to everyone’s attention. Download our free cyber security opportunities report to learn more about the Japanese market and find out where the opportunities might be for your company.

Prince William launches Innovation is GREAT campaign

Prince William launches Innovation is Great campaign - Export to Japan

13 March 2015 

Prince William visited Japan for the first time in February 2015, launching the British Government's year-long Innovation is GREAT campaign, which is designed to showcase the best of British innovation and promote further partnership between Japan and the UK. 

British Robots Turn Heads in Japan

British Robots Turn Heads in Japan - Export to Japan

9 March 2015

British innovation is well respected in Japan, and this extends to the field of robotics. Read about the robot technology showcase organised by UK Trade & Investment, Japan. 

Opportunities in Space in Japan

Opportunities in Space in Japan - Export to Japan

Watch our video to find out what opportunities are available to UK companies in the space and satellite communications industry in Japan, and the best options for market entry.

Finding the Best Route to Market in Japan

Export to Japan - Finding the Best Route to Market in Japan

When you are confident of your market potential in Japan, you will want to find out the best way getting to market. Here we cover the general information you will need to consider when you plan your market entry strategy.