A Definitive Guide To Doing Business In Japan

This in-depth report details the steps to take in order to take your business to the next level and successfully establish your company in Japan. 

A Definitive Guide To Doing Business In Japan - Export to Japan

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Doing Business in Japan has Never Been Easier 

The Japanese market is characterised by consumers with high levels of disposable income who are drawn to premium, high-end goods and services. Japanese companies often exhibit a global outlook and a willingness to invest long-term in viable products and services. Japan is synonymous with quality and innovation and this goes hand-in-hand with Japanese companies’ commitment and loyalty to business partners. Furthermore, for many foreign companies, Japan has also become the place for development of new products and concepts. 

The Japanese Market has Become Extremely Accessible for UK Companies Looking to Export to Japan 

While Japan does have a well established domestic market in many sectors, there is an exoticness and status associated with Western brands that drives Japanese consumer demand for Western products and services. Moreover, Japan’s business culture isn’t as challenging as many businesses believe – patience, integrity, respect for their business customs and a long term view to business success are the main ingredients to success in Japan. In addition, Japan‘s business culture attaches a high degree of importance to personal relationships and these take time to establish and nurture. A strong network of personal contacts is vital in the Japanese market.

This report will equip you with all of the essential information you need if you want to start doing business in Japan or even start your own business in Japan. 

Topics covered include:

  • Aspects of the Japanese market
  • Protecting your IP abroad
  • Routes to market
  • Setting up a business in Japan
  • HMRC and steps to take
  • Export documentation
  • Import procedures
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Sources of Japanese market data
  • Payments and pricing
  • Japanese business etiquette
  • Sources of assistance with exporting to Japan

Here's a preview of what you can expect in the full report:


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